The name Oblure is the union between the words object and allure, which is the core of the brand – to make alluring objects.

Oblure was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden from our desire to make innovative products that add something new to the field of lighting. With our roots in the Swedish and Scandinavian design tradition we love the simplistic, minimalistic and functional – but we wanted something more.

Therefore, we work with international designers to build a collection with a lot of character and innovative elements that surprise and intrigue the beholder. Our vision is to curate the original, bold and beautiful.


I guess it all goes back to my personal interest in the different and unique. I like the strange and odd and can really fall in love with objects almost in a childish way. One of my most precious pieces of design is a big colorful swan hand cut from one piece of wood. In my opinion design must be able to speak for it self, have its own voice. And that is what I would like Oblure to be – a collection of strong design voices.

After working with product development and sales in other business the idea of starting a design brand started in my first meetings with the designer Markus Johansson. It was through him I found my way in to the lighting business and I could not be more proud about the fact that one of Markus best pieces was Oblurs first product. We shared the passion for details and quality and the courage to do things a little differently.

Oblure was born from the desire to preserve the designers feeling for the object in the transformation from sketch to drawing and from drawing to the final product. Design is about the interplay between form and function, which well balanced, will result in a strong feeling and sometimes even love for objects.