About us

Our vision is to curate the original, bold and beautiful. 

Our vision is to curate the original, bold and beautiful

Alluring Lighting

The name Oblure is a union between the words “object” and “lure”. This concept lays in the core of the brand in order to design and create alluring objects. Our vision is “to create original, bold and alluring objects”, with a mission “To create innovative, unique and qualitative lighting fixtures for residential and public spaces.” With our skills and roots cemented in the Scandinavian design tradition, we endorse the simplicity, the minimalistic, and the functional. For us a lamp is more than just lighting, it's a piece of art. We therefore collaborate with international designers to curate distinguishable lighting fixtures to captivate the beholder.


The story began with Markus Johansson's thesis project in 2011, where he made the light fixture Cirrata. After 6 years of honing his craft as a freelance designer and exhibitions across Milan, Paris, and London, Markus found a subsupplier who could bring Cirrata to life. A lamp that later would serve as the cornerstone of the Oblure brand.

Oblure was then founded by Markus and Erik Möller in Gothenburg in 2017 and launched at “Maison et Objet” in Paris, where they showcased Cirrata and different prototypes of yet unreleased lighting solutions. One of these prototypes later became the fixture Balance.

The following years the company exhibited at “Maison et Objet”, “Stockholm Furniture Fair” and “Milano Design Week”, Oblure's presence on the global stage had garnered widespread acclaim, propelling the brand to new heights.

A few years after launch, Erik Möller decided to walk another path. Deniz Canpinar then joined Oblure as the second owner. Today both Deniz Canpinar and Markus Johansson run the company with a shared passion for lighting, design and functionality. With a united goal to craft each product with the same mindset: for it to last. Through a robust and well-thought-out process each product is crafted with care, to ensure it's lasting sustainability. While production spans the globe to ensure the highest quality for the right price, Oblure's future focus remains rooted in its Swedish origins, with plans to expand production domestically.

Today the company's products are sold worldwide and have gained traction through different nominees and prizes. In 2023 they won “Lighting of the Year” by FORM Magazine for their fixture Lightbone. In addition to these awards Oblure has made collaborations with well known companies such as Cassina and Minotti. As the journey unfolds, Oblure remains committed to illuminating spaces with its blend of elegance, innovation, and allure.

Deniz Canpinar

Deniz is the CEO of Oblure. He has been interested in lighting, form and function for as long as he can remember. Deniz grew up in an entrepreneurial family in the restaurant business and ran his own business for a decade before his passion for lighting made him swatch business.

After studying electrical engineering as well as lighting technology and design, Deniz worked as a consultant within interior as well as exterior lighting for private and contract projects for Europes greatest lighting design companies, Light Bureau.

Before he became co-owner of Oblure, he was also sales manager for the westside region at the well known Italian lighting company iGuzzini Illuminazione in Sweden. Deniz also holds a position of trust as Chairman of the Board for the Swedish West Coast Lighting Society, part of The Swedish Lighting Society.

Markus Johansson

Markus is the founder and Art Director of Oblure. His interest in design began at an early age. With a heritage from his grandfather's furniture factory “Albin i Hyssna” (just outside of Gothenburg), he grew up in a creative environment, were he successively
learned the craftsmanship. “Albin i Hyssna '' is a well-respected company that's been run by the family for four generations.

Markus holds a Masters degree in Design from the Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg and has exhibited as a Young Designer in Milano for four years in a row. In addition to this he has exhibited in Paris, London, New York and Stockholm.

Markus started his own design studio in 2011 and has worked with a wide range of different companies, such as Le-Klint, Klong, Karl Andersson & Söner, Mogg, Garden Glory, Tekhne, Hans K and Albin i Hyssna. His designs include chairs, tables, interior and exterior accessories, and of course lighting fixtures. His most successful lighting fixture were made for the lighting family Carronade of the Danish company Le-Klint, and one of his most notable chairs “Nest”, has been exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design in New York.