Morten & Jonas

MORTEN & JONAS (Norway) is a design studio based in Oslo, Norway. The designers Morten and Jonas, has worked together as a design duo since receiving their masters degree in furniture and spacial design from Bergen Academy of art and design in 2011. They have since the start up in 2011 participated in exhibitions and shows all over the world.They aim to create objects and projects with an curious approach in terms of expression, materials and human visual perception. They are driven by their meetings with people, culture and shape.

“Our small and simple philosophy is: We like to make and create objects that make people happy. We are driven by the joy of creating interesting and beautiful objects that hopefully get peoples attention in some way. To challenge both the physical and visual qualities of materials and industrial techniques is also something that we value.”

Products by this designer



Inside pendant is a tribute to the most generous and kind lady in the city of Bergen, Norway. The pendant is an attempt to materialize her genuine enthusiasm, passion and knowledge about design into a single object.

The name comes from the twisted inner glass. The hand blown shape makes every lamp unique diffusing and spreading the light in a gentle pattern. The pattern is an extension of the design and what makes Inside so special.

Designed 2016